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CNC Lathe and Swiss Machining

Spectron Manufacturing specializes in CNC turning to fabricate high precision components through cutting edge processes. Our turning capabilities include assemblies for screw products, machined shafts, and other devices. We have a wide array of CNC lathes, as well as swiss machining centers, at our disposal. Our CNC turning methods are established to maximize efficiency and accuracy of every part produced.

In CNC turning a computer-automated lathe moves along a rotating piece of material such as stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, or copper. The lathe cuts the material in the shape and size required for the final application. The CNC turning process can also involve facing of the component as well as boring. Depending on the specific industry requirements the CNC turning methods can be customized to produce an effective turn key product. Our capabilities include:

  • Rapid lead times
  • Prototype and production qtys (1-100,000)
  • Multiple 3, 4, and 5 axis mills, combination lathes, and swiss turning centers
  • Materials available include magnesium, aluminum, zinc, steel, copper, bronze, titanium, and a variety of plastics.

CNC Machine Shop Equipment List


  • Mori Seiki SL3H Lathe, 20 HP with 10” Chuck
  • Clausing/Colchester, Model CNC-100A CNC Lathe with Fanuc OT-C Control
  • Hitachi Seiki TS 15 Turning Center with Seicos (Sigma) 21L Control
  • Cincinnati 26×72 lathe
  • Hardinge Tool Room Lathe (3)
  • Hardinge Speed lathe
  • LeBlonde Engine Lathe 15”x54”
  • Monarch tool room lathe
  • Monarch turret lathe
  • Nomura NSPS-1022

Swiss type and CNC screw machines
We have over 40 production machines with all necessary attachments, including stop spindles for cross milling and drilling with indexing, broaching, milling, slotting, etc

  • Tornos and Strohm Swiss type Automatics
  • Citizen B-12’s Type I and Type VI
  • Hanawa ML-12
  • Star, CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathe, SA-16 to 5/8” diameter
  • KMT SA32 Swiss with lemca 332 Mini Boss Magazine Bar Feed, 1 1/4″ diameter capacity

See our Milling Department for additional equipment.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

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